07 Sep

Construction Ambassador Scheme Update

Some of you may remember that a number of years ago we ran a SWWIC Construction Ambassador scheme. The training sessions were offered by CITB for members that were interested in attending school and college events to promote the construction industry. As an update CITB no longer administer the Construction Ambassador scheme and it has been amalgamated with the STEM ambassador programme.

Working with Build UK, CITB have agreed a collaboration with STEM Learning that allows our existing Ambassador programme to function on the largest Ambassador platform in the UK.

Who are STEM Learning?

STEM Learning are the largest provider of education and careers support in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. They have over 30,000 Ambassadors and 19 STEM Hubs across the UK which offer a range of support, opportunities and local expertise.

Why are we moving?

This partnership creates the opportunity for us to develop our programme further using STEM’s digital platform as the one-stop shop for all events, feedback and resources. Not only will we be able to gain access to events held across 100% of secondary schools within the UK but this will enable us to enhance our ability to equip you as Ambassadors with the right resources, bringing materials to life to obtain good quality engagements.

What do you need to do?

To become a STEM Ambassador, you need to register here and select to participate in the ‘Construction and the built environment’ scheme (Search for “Construction” in the Schemes Participation box). Once registered your digital profile will enable you to manage your own engagements via a personal dashboard. For guidance on how to register or manage your STEM profile you can visit the website GoConstruct, take a watch of this tutorial video , or you can contact GoConstruct via where they will be available to help.

If anyone wants to remain (or become) an ambassador then as of July 2020 you will need to register on the STEM scheme and choose the Construction and built environment option. You will also require an enhanced DBS and a brief training module.

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