17 Mar

COVID-19 Update

Following the latest information received from the Government the SWWIC committee have reached a decision in regards to postponing our April and May events currently noted on our website. There is hope that June and July may be different and we will keep you posted on these. It is regrettable but we feel sure that everyone feels the same way in that it is important to get this virus under control.

I hope that everyone understands the situation. I know that we are not alone in this decision (our site visit to St Sidwell Street had already been cancelled at a request from Kier based on Company policy). I feel sure that there will be many more visits and events that will be postponed or cancelled over the next few months.

Looking into the future I do believe that as a society we will all come out of this with a very different perspective on life and how we run businesses, organisations and events. There must be a positive that comes from everything that we are going through at the moment, right!?

In the meantime, stay safe and if there is something that you feel we can do as an organisation to bring people together virtually than please let us know – it would be good if we can remain in contact with you – don’t forget you can tweet or add a message to our Facebook and LinkedIn pages – it would be good to see how you are getting on!

Best wishes
Glayne Price
SWWIC Committee

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