07 Dec

December Breakfast Meeting

Glayne Price welcomed attendees to the last meeting of the year, giving a short overview of 2018 and a glance into what 2019 has in store forSWWIC. Attendees were then entertained with two speakers; Adam Cook (a futurist focusing on city design, sustainability and society philosophy; a partner with Hill Valley Research and the Research Director for Cura Design) and Alexis Bowater (Project Lead for the Lady Astor Statue Appeal).

Adam spoke about possible long term solutions to the built environment and its effect on society, including energy, transport, water, waste, mental health and architecture whilst Alexis concluded our breakfast by providing an inspirational talk on the celebration of 100 years of women in Parliament and a plea to donate towards the Lady Astor Appeal raising funds for a statue in Lady Nancy Astor’s name which will be erected in Plymouth.

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