10 Jun

Inspiring talk by Gail Muller ‘Unlost’

SWWIC would like to say a big thank you to Gail Muller who recently provided a moving and inspiring wellbeing event based on her story of strength and determination.

Promoting good mental health and wellbeing, she gripped us all with her honest and candid way of speaking, making us both laugh and cry; coming away feeling uplifted and ready to take on the world!

Living and growing up in Cornwall, Gail was told she’d be wheelchair bound by the age of forty. At forty-one, she embarked on one of the world’s toughest treks – The Appalachian Trail – and has written a book about it titled ‘Unlost’ (released later this year). We were delighted that she was able to join us for a chat and to share her life-changing experience.

A love letter to the healing power of the wild outdoors and an incredible testament to the strength of the human spirit, Gail’s story is for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a rut, lost or scared. She shows us that even in our darkest times, it’s possible to find our inner grit, face our fears and feel hopeful.

More information on Gail can be found here.

Good luck on your next adventure Gail, the Continental Divide Trail – we look forward to hearing about it when you get back!

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